Friday, April 8, 2011

TAKE OFF set at 1700 hours!!!

So a couple of great friends and I went to a place here in town that I had never been to and I completely fell in love with it! J. Clyde's!!!! I cannot believe I have never been there before because it is completely my type of atmosphere.

It should have been a total give away about me loving this place if you glanced at their menu. The beer menu is way...... way.... way bigger than the food menu! I mean if you know me at all, you KNOW I LOVE food just about more than anyone but beer is sometimes just as good if not better, especially if you have a great sandwich like I did, BLT with fried green tomatoes! It was like heaven on earth arrived! And it was perfect timing 5:00 pm (aka 1700 hrs) on Friday after a long week at work!!!

Of course studying this beer menu became almost overwhelming, so we noticed there was a option of a sort of beer tasting of any drought you pleased and it was called a Flight. The Flight consisted of 5 different 4 ounce beers. You could even get high gravity beers, which I kept calling high density(do not ask why), in your tasting. I never had the chance of trying out a high gravity beer before so I willingly tried it! :) I loved a few of my beers and some I did not care for but the experience was awesome and I cannot wait to go back another time with my friends!

My list of beers I chose (Jolly pumpkin was my fav!)

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